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Rund supports world record attempt

Southampton based sailor Alex Alley is planning to add to his two existing world records by aiming to break the solo non-stop around the world record for a 40" yacht. The record currently stands at 137 days, 20 hours, 1 minute and 57 seconds.

Here at Rund Partnership, we are proud to sponsor Alex and support his solo non-stop around the world attempt, which is also assisting the work being carried out by Portsmouth University during the voyage

The world’s beautiful oceans are home to a staggering 80% of life on Earth. Through the Portsmouth University, this world record attempt will also be used to measure ocean temperatures (so they can calibrate the satellites measuring surface temperature) and record the world’s first Ocean Soundscape of the noises in the deep oceans.

Due to a series of large depressions coming across the Atlantic with some big winds and large seas, Alex has delayed the start of his solo non-stop around the world record attempt. In a recent news release, Alex commented “As we are not in a race we have the luxury of choosing when we leave and can pick suitable weather. There is no point in heading out right from the start into a storm and risk breaking kit in the first few days. Much more sensible to sit and wait. My weather router, South African sailor Nick Leggatt, is closely watching as things develop in the Atlantic”.

The actual start line is between the Créac’h Lighthouse on the island of Ushant (48° 27,551754 N 005° 07.74078 W) and the Lizard Lighthouse in Cornwall (49° 57,612 N 005° 12,128 W), so effectively a line across the western end of the English Channel. This also forms the finish line.

Everyone at Rund Partnership wishes Alex Alley and his team the very best of luck with his solo non-stop around the world record attempt.

Track the Pixel Flyer during the attempt here –

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Published 20/12/18 by Tracey

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